A day out with two homebodies

Over this past Fourth of July weekend, my best friend and I went out for a little movie date! Little did we know are simple plans would turn into a fun unexpected time out!

My friend Karli and I love to go to the movies! We also both love to eat! Plus we hate going out lol. So just about every month on a Sunday we meet up to go on little movie dates. We pick a movie that we both been wanting to see. Then based on the time of the showing, usually matinee cause it’s cheaper and no one is there, we decide where to eat. We either to brunch or lunch which are almost the same but you know. Karli loves the Alamo Quarry because it’s not too crowded and it’s Regal so we can rack up those points. So we planned to meet up around 10:30 am at Snooze A.M Eatery for brunch then a movie at 1 pm.  We meet up and see Snooze has an hour wait time so we thought we would just walk around the Quarry. And we happened to stumble across…

The Alamo Quarry Farm Market

Apparently every Sunday they are hosting a Farmers Market with great vendors selling a variety of vegetables and yummy food. Since we had some time to kill we checked out the little booths are of course had a bite to eat. Always support local am I right. First, we stopped at the In the Weeds booth. They are a natural skin care company here in San Antonio that aim on providing eco-friendly and organic skin care products.  Let me say their stuff not only smells good but is great quality and only natural ingredients! The candles smelled like heaven and not overpowering. I swear I was so close to buying like 5 candles just because of the smell alone. Below is a photo of there Herb and Mint gift box which is on my birthday list for sure! (It’s in August btw)

Then we stopped at Southern Grits Flavor to get some of their Patriotic Beignets. AND OMG THEY WERE GOOD!!! They have a blueberry and strawberry jam on them and ugh they were amazing.  and just melt in your mouth. God, I would have eaten like 20 if I could. Karli agreed with me too. Apparently, they have space at a warehouse on the East Side that holds mid-week farmers markets with tons of different vendors. (That’s next on the list to hit up)

Still having 30 more minutes to kill till our table at Snooze would be ready we looked around some more and gave into cravings. I was eyeing some of the Poptopia pops from the moment we walked into the market. After a shopping around I gave in and got us some. Karli tried the pina colada and I had the mango mojito. Both were so good and so refreshing on a hot Texas Sunday. These pops are all natural and use local ingredients. I wanted to try every flavor but hold myself back cause we looked down at Karli’s phone and saw our table was ready!


Off to Snooze we go

Finally, we get to Snooze A.M Eatery and the first thing we do is order coffee. Pretty good. Next what to get?!? We asked our waiter for some recommendations and he gave us some good ones. Karli got the Benny Duo so she got to pick two benedict offerings. She got the Benny Goodman which is salmon and cream cheese served on rye topped with poached eggs, cream cheese hollandaise mixed with sun dried tomato and caper relish. Her second pick was the Summer Harvest Benny which is a parmesan pesto quinoa cakes with Caprese salad topped with two poached eggs, cream cheese hollandaise, balsamic reduction, and Parmesan crisps. As you can see if the photo below she loved it.

I had the Pancake Flight so I got to pick three different pancakes. My first pick, and favorite, was the Blackberry SubLIME Pancakes. Yummy pancakes packed with white chocolate chips, a Key Lime pie filling sauce and topped with graham cracker crumbs, plump blackberries, and mascarpone whip cream. Karli picked the next one cause you know sharing is caring. She picked the Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes which judging by the name you can guess what it had. The last one I let the waiter pick for me and he surprised me. French Toast Neat, basically the classic breakfast food. All three were so good ugh I could barely finish it.

Baby Driver

After brunch, we hopped over to our 1 pm movie that we barely made because we were too busy stuffing our faces. We both been dying to see Baby Driver and let me tell you this movie was A1 for sure. Amazing music, cast, and plot. It got great reviews online and they were not lying. Karli and I laughed, sighed, and almost cried. Overall we say 5 out of 5 stars. If you haven’t seen it you have too! You might just think it’s just a car movie or bank robbing movie but it’s not. You love the characters even the bad ones after just meeting them. Honestly probably one of my new favorite movies. So go see it!

Well, that’s it for today kittens! I hope you enjoyed and learned about some new cool places to hit up in the Alamo Heights area. And maybe a new summer movie to see!

Also I will be gone to France next week till the 24th so be on the lookout for too many Snaps and a blog post after I get back.



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