“God! Why am I such a FAT ASS”

I LOVE to eat! I LOVE carbs! I could eat non-stop. I could eat pizza all day every day. But I also want to be healthy and look good naked. I mean, I look good now (Betch I slay), but I would like to be a little skinnier. So I am now going to start a not a weight loss journey a “better me” journey. To be the best you, the leaner you, it’s not just about the weight; it is about how you view yourself and how you feel. Everyone has insecurities that we battle with every day. No matter how “perfect” everyone thinks, they are. In the words of every basic Instagram caption of a group of girls “taking” a lousy photo, no one is perfect.

One thing though, is I am not going to go on a diet or some crazy exercise class with a bunch of already skinny betches. Instead, I am going to cut back on the shitty food I eat and work out more but not forcing myself into something I don’t want to do. They say try not to give in to your craving, but if you don’t at least once, then you are going to go on a wild food binge. Also, you have to give your body and mind a rest too from working out, take a day off to do whatever you feel like doing. But still, work up the energy to work out even if it is for 15 minutes. Like me here in this beautiful photo of me mid-workout dying thinking about how much I just want to eat a plate of brownies right now.


So join me on this journey where I try not to be such a fat ass. I am not going to post workouts and recipes though it will be more like a diary on how it is going and a realistic view. I am in no way a fitness fanatic¬†or health¬†nut because honestly, who the F got time for that. I am a sluggish person who doesn’t want to count calories and cut out all sugar.

So this is more of a setup post that will be followed by more. I can’t wait to see what happened and if I will reach my goal. Oh yeah, my goal…so I am aiming for 160 lbs by September. That gives me the whole summer to work hard and, hopefully, start feeling better about myself not just physically but in all ways. I currently weigh like 190ish I know I know I look beautiful, but I want to look better. I use to be a slim healthy girl, but then I became a woman, which means my body wants to keep all my fat. I also got busy with school, friends, life, and personal issues. I lost track of my weight, and the next thing I know, my favorite dress didn’t fit like it did before. So yeah, that’s why I want to lose weight.

I hope y’all will join me on this journey, and maybe we can help each other out with tips or advice or just support. We are all just trying to be the best we can be.


One thought on ““God! Why am I such a FAT ASS”

  1. herstorycontinued says:

    I really love the way you’ve put your thoughts into starting this journey, it comes across as very honest and refreshing. I’m with you on loving to eat and not really wanting to work out. All the best on your journey!!! x


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